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Small signal amplification

Small signal amplification

Small signal amplification

Small signal amplification

Small signal amplification

  • The maximum gain reaches 60dB, which can amplify and monitor small signals for clearer and more effective observation of voltage signals;

  • Independent linear power supply to reduce noise interference;

  • Supporting use of university related experiments to enrich experimental content;

  • The maximum operating frequency point can reach 100MHz, meeting the testing requirements at high frequencies;

  • The maximum output voltage can reach 2Vpp, meeting the monitoring needs;

  • Equipment parameters can be customized to meet personalized customization needs。

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    semiconductor testing

    semiconductor testing

    • The device has flat and broad frequency characteristics, with high output stability;

    • Wide output voltage range and fast voltage change rate, which can meet the application requirements in various environments;

    • Two levels of output resistance and input resistance can be switched between high and low levels, with strong matching ability and wide application range;

    • Precision CNC gain, excellent amplitude frequency and phase frequency characteristics;

    • The device comes with a monitoring port, which can monitor the output voltage of the power amplifier in real-time and safely;

    • Save common settings with one click, providing convenient and concise operation selection。

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