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Aigtek provide you with Power Amplifiers,Power Signal Sources,RF Power Amplifiers,and Calibration Source products,Testing solutions for related industries at the core.


Ultrasonic tests

Ultrasonics refers to a branch of acoustics that studies various methods and technologies for generating and receiving ultrasound, the propagation characteristics of ultrasound, the interaction between ultrasound and matter, and the various applications of ultrasound in scientific research and production.


Underwater acoustic system tests

Underwater communication generally refers to the communication between aquatic entities and underwater targets or between underwater targets, usually in seawater or freshwater, as opposed to land or space communication.


Material tests

Material testing generally refers to the testing of raw materials through component analysis, measurement, non-destructive testing, and environmental simulation testing.


Small signal amplification

Pre amplifier refers to a circuit or electronic device placed between the source and amplifier stage, designed specifically to receive weak voltage signals from the source.


PZT Ceramic drive

Piezoelectric effect is an effect where applying stress can generate electric charges, and applying an electric field can generate dimensional deformation. Essentially, it is a phenomenon of interaction between mechanical energy and electrical energy. The piezoelectric effect is divided into positive piezoelectric effect and inverse piezoelectric effect. The positive piezoelectric effect is generally applied to piezoelectric sensors, which convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. Most piezoelectric actuators are made using the reverse piezoelectric effect and magnetic effect.

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Aigtek is a leading high-tech enterprise engaged in R&D, manufacturing and sales of measuring instruments in China. The company is committed to the amplifiers, calibration source products as the core of the related industry test solutions, to provide users with competitive test solutions. Aigtek has become a large-scale equipment manufacturer with a wide range of product lines in the industry.

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