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Power Amplifier

Power Amplifier

Power Amplifier

Introduction to Power Amplifier

A power amplifier is a laboratory instrument that can amplify AC/DC signals and generate maximum power output to drive a certain load under given distortion conditions.

The main technical parameters of a power amplifier include bandwidth, voltage, power, channel, voltage swing rate, impedance, gain, etc. When selecting a suitable power amplifier for a specific application, the characteristics of voltage, power, gain, bandwidth and waveform should be considered.

Power amplifiers can be used in conjunction with mainstream signal generators to achieve signal amplification, and are widely used in fields such as MEMS testing, ultrasonic testing, electromagnetic field driving, wireless energy transmission, and electronic experimental testing in universities.

Power Amplifier
  • Bandwidth (-3dB) up to 22MHz
  • Maximum output voltage 70Vp-p (±35Vp)
  • Maximum output current 2Ap
  • Bandwidth (-3dB) DC~1 MHz
  • Output voltage up to 1600 Vp-p (±800 Vp)
  • Maximum output current 500mAp
  • (higher current can be customized)
  • Bandwidth (-3dB) up to DC~100kHz
  • Maximum output power 810Wp
  • Adjustable voltage gain
  • Bandwidth (-3dB) up to DC~3MHz
  • Output voltage up to 310Vp-p (±155Vp)
  • Maximum output current 4Arms
  • Bandwidth (-3dB) DC~100KHz
  • Output voltage up to 10kVp-p (±5kVp)
  • Maximum output current 40mAp (higher current can be customized)
  • Output current monitor:100mV/A
  • Output voltage monitor:10mV/V
  • The output monitor is BNC connector, which can be connected to the oscilloscope for real-time monitoring.
  • Output power 1300Wp
  • Output power current 10Ap
  • Maximum output voltage -20V~150V
  • Bandwidth(-3dB)DC~20kHz
  • Bandwidth (-3dB) DC~5MHz
  • Maximum output voltage 25Vp-p(±12.5Vp)
  • Maximum output current 2Ap
  • Maximum output power 810Wp
  • Bandwidth (-3dB) DC~30kHz
  • Maximum output voltage 180Vp-p(±90Vp)
  • Maximum output current 18Ap
  • Maximum output voltage 690Vrms
  • Output power 800VA
  • Bandwidth(-3dB)10kHz-500kHz
  • Overcurrent protection

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