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Material tests

Material tests

Material tests

Material testing

Material testing

  • Supporting signal sources to achieve signal amplification and improve load capacity;

  • 1/1000 voltage detection port for real-time and safe monitoring of power amplifier output voltage;

  • Precision CNC gain, precise control of output voltage;

  • Ultra high voltage output, testing various dielectric elastomer materials;

  • Save common settings with one click, providing convenient and concise operation selection;

  • Complete protection functions: overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, and over temperature protection。

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    Dielectric Elastomer Testing

    Dielectric Elastomer Testing

    • The device has flat and broad frequency characteristics, while maintaining a high stable output;

    • The input resistor has high and low switching capabilities, strong matching ability, and a wide range of applications;

    • Precision CNC gain, excellent amplitude frequency and phase frequency characteristics;

    • Customizable multi-channel output, master-slave output, and other methods to meet the needs of multi-channel applications;

    • The device comes with a monitoring port, which can monitor the output voltage of the power amplifier in real-time and safely;

    • Save common settings with one click, providing convenient and concise operation selection。

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