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Free Trial

Free Trial

Free Trial

Free Trial

Prototype Application Process

  • Fill out the prototype application form

    Fill out the prototype application form

  • Communicate product requirements

    Communicate product requirements

  • Prototype trial protocol feedback

    Prototype trial protocol feedback

  • Send out prototype

    Send out prototype

Apply for Prototype

For more customers can apply for prototypes with low threshold and high efficiency, please fill in the application requirements in as much detail as possible, we will contact you within 1 hour!
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Prototype Application Instructions

1. The prototypes sent by Aigtek are all company standard products and can enjoy the same functions and services as the corresponding finished equipment;
2. As long as your needs are related to Aigtek's services and products, you can obtain free prototype trial qualifications;
3. The prototype trial does not charge any deposit, with a fee of 0. After the trial period ends, you can choose to purchase or return it at your own discretion;
4. Aigtek provides free technical support and remote demonstration guidance;
5. If you have any questions, please contact Aigtek Electronics at phone number 029-88865020.