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Ultrasonic tests

Ultrasonic tests

Ultrasonic tests

Ultrasonic acoustics

Ultrasonic acoustics

  • Wide range, fully covering the ultrasonic frequency range;

  • Good amplitude frequency and phase frequency characteristics provide various signal simulations for ultrasound experiments;

  • Multiple voltage and power options, widely supporting various ultrasound devices;

  • Customizable multi-channel, convenient for users to build various testing environments and complete complex experiments;

  • Adjustable output impedance matching for easy matching with various ultrasound probes;

  • Adjustable input impedance matching, supporting mainstream domestic and foreign brands of arbitrary waveform generators。

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  • Large bandwidth, voltage, and high-power power amplifiers can provide strong support;

  • High frequency, high voltage, high step response, four quadrant output and other characteristics;

  • Precision CNC gain, excellent amplitude frequency and phase frequency characteristics;

  • Matching major brand function signal sources and arbitrary waveform signal generators;

  • The device comes with a monitoring port, which can monitor the output voltage of the power amplifier in real-time and safely;

  • Save common settings with one click, providing convenient and concise operation selection。

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