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Application of power amplifier in microporous piezoelectric ultrasonic atomization

Author:Aigtek Number:0 Date:2023-12-29

Name of Experiment: application of power amplifier to study the effect of microporous piezoelectric ultrasonic atomization of lemon eucalyptus oil repellent

Research Direction: piezoelectric ultrasonic atomization

Experiment Objective:in view of the problems of large droplet size and non-continuous automatic spray in the commonly used manual pressure atomization method of lemon eucalyptus oil repellent, a microporous piezoelectric ultrasonic atomization method was proposed to atomize the mosquito repellent into micron droplets, so that the droplets could float in the air for a long time, in order to better exert the mosquito repellent effect of lemon eucalyptus oil.

Experiment Equipment: lemon eucalyptus oil repellant, laser particle size analyzer, microporous piezoelectric ultrasonic atomizer, test platform, signal generator, ATA-4014 power amplifier, oscilloscope, electronic balance.

Experiment Process: after the electric signal generated by the signal generator is amplified by the power amplifier, the atomizing vibrator is excited to produce ultrasonic vibration, which deforms the microporous piezoelectric atomizer, and the liquid in contact with the micropore is extruded from the micropore plate under the action of inertia, surface tension and fluid dynamics. The driving voltage frequency can be changed by adjusting the output signal frequency of the signal generator, and the amplitude of the driving voltage can be changed by adjusting the output signal amplitude of the signal generator and the amplification factor of the power amplifier.


Experiment Result:

1.Effect of driving voltage on atomization effect


2.Effect of driving frequency on atomization effect


3. Comparison of atomization effect between pressure atomization and microporous piezoelectric ultrasonic atomization


The performance of the amplifier in the experiment: amplify the signal and stimulate the droplet atomization

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